Journey through other worlds

In October 2012, photographer Ivi Rebova together with her partner Anton Hajicek went on a journey to discover fascinating and inspirational places in Southwestern USA. The pair drove for 3,500miles/5600km through the states of California, Nevada, Utah and Arizona and some of their natural treasures, mostly through arid deserts and vast prairies. This photoblog, which we'd like to share with you, is a journey of visual experience, of seeking harmony with nature and of self-discovery.

Bryce Canyon, Utah

Even nature has its theatre stages. Bryce Canyon is one of them. Bizarre rock formations are actors, characters in play with an epic scenery and cast.  A lesser known, and sort of hidden gem, among the many canyons and valleys within a wide area.


Antelope Canyon, Arizona
If Bryce Canyon is a hidden gem, Antelope is a hidden diamond... literally.  From above it seems like an insignificant crack in the rock. From the inside it’s an amazing, slightly claustrophobic narrow world, shining out in all colors.  Natural "sculptures", carved by water and wind into the walls, look like they're made of cream.  Don't forget you're in the sacred land of the indigenous Navajo tribe.


Death Valley , California
Death Valley is a place full of life, great extremes and divergence;  sometimes like a lunar landscape, and sometimes a bizarre garden.  Precious drops of rain fall just at the moment you stand at the bottom of the gorge at Zabriskie Point, recalling the Antonioni movie.  It's an eerie experience to stand on the vast salt lake Badwater and gaze at the nearby rocks where sea level is marked high above your head.  And that lonesome landscape which surrounds the Ubehebe volcanic crater... This bizarre world will amaze your every sense.


Las Vegas, Nevada
A mirage in the middle of the desert.  Where you hope people are not an imitation, a ghost of past meetings.  A weird world of fun, alley cats, huge kitsch, and art too. Ever-present music, flashing neon lights and grandiose hotel fountains challenging you to try your luck with them. Everything seems so very near at hand you'll almost believe it’s real. But it is still just a mirage.


Bodie Ghost Town, California
We're in no man’s land, the middle of the prairie. When you wonder, “where am I actually going?” on this bumpy rocky road, far from modern civilization. All of a sudden, silhouettes of century-old houses begin to emerge, scattered throughout the valley.  The spooky silence and wind straining the creaky doors and windows awake your fantasy.  This ghost town that people left over 100 years ago, acts as if it were still yesterday when the children were sitting at their school desks, or the saloon regulars played cards and gold-diggers celebrated every nugget they found.  Wheels of old cars swallowed up by the ground. It's as if someone still remains in this peculiar spot - as if they never left.


Los Angeles, California
Los Angeles is like an endless movie. For a moment you feel like its star – out on Malibu beach. Later, you're the mysterious figure of David Lynch lurking somewhere in the background – on the winding Mulholland Drive as night falls on the city beneath you.  At Griffith Observatory you're a director, in charge of everything. Like a supernumerary in the constant stream of cars on the highway that rolls through Hollywood. The City of Angels is a place where dreams, or dark nightmares come true.  Among the crowds of people and lights, its huge glow hides the stars in the sky.


Desert , California
A fascinating desert - life in the most unlikely place. The desert is like the universe. An alien world in ours.  Or it's a reminder that our world is fragile and finite.  Life in such a harsh environment is forever on the verge of death.  The desert has an infinite number of shapes. Once you think you've seen it all, it will surprise you with something different, new, and unique.


Mono Lake, California
One of the most peaceful places on Earth.  A gentle breeze caressing the surface of a large lake. The rays of the setting sun illuminating the surrounding mountains and creating the impression of some kind of alien amphitheater.  Subconsciously looking for a diver being photographed by Pink Floyd’s photographer Storm Thorgeson.  And there is a heart in the clouds above it all.


Morro Bay, California
One of the charming small towns along the ocean Cabrillo Highway - Morro Bay ( Highway One). This local port is populated with fisherman’s restaurants and the colourful trappings of coastal life.


Horseshoe Bend, Glen Canyon, Arizona
Horseshoe Bend. One of the countless curves on meandering Colorado River on its way to the Grand Canyon. A beautiful but dangerous viewing point.


Grand Canyon, Arizona
Great is probably the only logical name for this natural wonder.  You’re standing on the edge of the south rim and stretching as far as you can see are the endless curves of the Colorado River valley and its tributaries, contemporary and ancient.  The ravens take off from the cliff and float with grace above this natural beauty. You are stunned.


Route 66, Arizona
The Mother of all roads.  A melancholic and old-timey feel seeps into you with every kilometer clocked up on this road.  The road home is enhanced even more when at one of the old historic gas stations you suddenly notice a souvenir from your own home, left here as a landmark. How many people must have wandered through this place over the years?


There is a book “JOURNEY THROUGH OTHER WORLDS” with photographs from this trip available on Blurb.