Mariia Guraievska
Water nymph from Ukraine

Music has many forms. World music, folk heritage of various cultures, artists tend to mix a variety of genres with different styles. One of the distinctive forms of world music genre was introduced on Water Nymphs (Hevhetia, 2012), album of young Ukrainian singer Mariia Guraievska accompanied by her Polish group Ethno Jazz Project.


Could you briefly say a few words about yourself? What brought you to and connects with folk music?

I was born in Russia in a small village Ust-Nera. That beautiful place is located in Siberia. Later my parents came back to Ukraine, where I completed music school and studied journalism. As child, I was involved with the folk vocal group “Ladowyci”, whose energetic activity ensured them awards in competitions and appearances at Ukranian and Polish folk music festivals. “Ladowyci” based their repertoire on meticulous and long-maintained documentation of the traditional songs of Ukraine's Podolia region. This authentic musical material, gathered 'with my own hands' during her time working with the group, in the course of several-day summer excursions into little-known and not easily accessible regions of Ukraine constitutes the basis of my repertoire now.

Ukraine and Ukrainian are not very distant to Slovaks. Both languages have the same linguistic basis. Are there any distinctive dialects represented on the album, which are close to other nations besides Ukrainians?
Yes, on this album I have a song “Water Nymphs” in Russian language that came from Bryansk region. Russian folk were always as a part of our traditions.

The Album is called Water Nymphs, which means in both, Ukrainian and Slovak, “Rusalky”. Most songs go by peacefully in almost an ethereal way. Is there something that in lyrics that connects them?
All that songs have their own unique lyrical story, about Ukrainian history, about tragic family situations, about nature and of course about love and omens. All of that connect these songs together.

Who was involved in recording and the release of this album? Introduce the Jazz Etno Project to us briefly, please.
On this album played instrumentalists from the younger generation of Poland's jazz scene: Mateusz Szczypka – guitarist, Michał Kapczuk – double bass and Sebastian Kuchczyński – drums. All of them are graduated of Music Academy in Katowice on famous faculty of jazz. Besides that, on CD I have special guest, a great polish jazz singer - Grzegorz Karnas on guitar solo, who is a music producer of my album. This album was released by HEVHETIA RECORDS - independent record company in Slovakia and Executive producer is Jan Sudzina.

Where have you had concerts?
Most of our concerts we had in Poland. Polish audience is opened for many music experiments. This year (2012) we were in Ukraine on a big festival Open Gate…

For more information you can reach Mariia’s web.

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